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  • Tool Pen

    So much more than just a writing instrument.


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    Steampunk Lamp – Calculus

    Designed by a mad scientist, this lamp bears all the marks of the deranged, tortured mind that created it.
    Yet somehow, and in spite of its lunacy, the whole piece comes out looking really great. Go figure.
    Apparently, crazy is the new beautiful.

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    Gummy Bear Journals

    Everyone’s fave candy in 100% sugar free (but sadly inedible) form.

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  • Rock Paper Journals

    The most Eco-friendly paper on the planet!

    Rock Paper is made from chunks of limestone rock (80%) that are ground to dust – after which, a non-toxic resin (20%) is added to serve as binding agent.

    Rock Paper is more Eco-friendly than any other type of paper and has amazing properties:
    • Recyclable • Bio-Degradable • Tear resistant • Waterproof

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